ELITE in PAK PRONESS adds an extra layer of customization and personality to the game, making it unique and special. By investing in the ELITE Membership, players not only get to enjoy special perks, but also contribute to the server's sustainability and receive a "Supporter" label in return.

🎁 Gets you these game perks/features:

• Player Costumes
• Sprays
• Killcam HUDs
• Skies
• Gloves
• Badges
• Karambit Melee
• Dance Emote

🎁 Gets you these Discord perks/features:

• Exclusive role of @Elitist
• Ability to attach files in all eligible channels and send links
• Ability to view and send messages in #game-chat, which redirects your messages to the in-game chat

Note: The ELITE Sub is never discounted or given for free unless sponsored by someone.