1. Install Call of duty 4 Download CoD4 from the link below, extract the files, run setup.exe, and follow the instructions. Avoid installing the game to the "Program Files" directory, as this can cause problems with configs and demos. Instead, choose a location such as "C:/games/cod4".

2. Install official 1.6 Patch Next step is to download the official Patch 1.6 and install it.

3. Extract the "cod4x_client_21_1.zip" archive and copy the "cod4-client-manualinstall_21.1" folder to your CoD4 directory. Go into the extracted "cod4-client-manualinstall_21.1" folder and run "install.cmd". Launch CoD4 and it will automatically update the CoD4X client. If you want to change your game config, go to this path: C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Local\CallofDuty4MW\players